Saturday, March 23

Review of 21 Drops Aromatherapy

Recently, I bought 2 of the bottles of 21 Drops. 21 Drops is a "Modern Essential Oil." From their website (
Essential oils are the root of it all, benefiting the mind, body and spirit. These are fragrant and highly concentrated molecules, extracted from various parts of the plant – leaves, fruits, woods, seeds and flowers. Interestingly, essential oils represent a critical part of both the plants immune system and survival mechanisms.
Because plants and man have evolved alongside each other with the same chemistry, once these oils are either inhaled or absorbed into the bloodstream, they interact with your body, creating balance and wellness. The science of Aromatherapy is based upon this principle.
At 21 Drops, we source our essential oils from organically grown herbs or plants, collected – sustainably -- from all over the globe.
The resulting distilled oils are in their purest, most effective form. Select essential oils are carefully fused to create the most effective “customized” solutions to answer each and every one of 21 blends’ solutions…from Headache to Heartache.
21 Drops captures the incredible power of these pure essential oils for our therapeutic blends, empowering our friends and customers to Feel Better. Be Better.  We've chosen a unique palette for our 21 Drops house blends comprised of hard working adaptigens, combined with more targeted and delicate plant species for specific effects. All our oils are 100% organic or wild-crafted, and sourced from artisan distillers around the globe
I picked up "05 Headache" and "08 Pain Relief", the headache for myself and the pain relief for Joey. They are the only 2 that I have tried thus far but I fully intend to get a few more like "01 Invigorate" and "09 Focus".

At first, I was skeptical whether these little bottles of oil would actually do anything but I am determined to try anything once, especially if it could help with my migraines and terrible headaches. Luckily I was able to try the headache oil almost immediately after buying it. Flying always lands me with a headache from the pressure changes and from dealing with people acting like they lost their heads in the airports. So I slapped a small amount of oil onto the pulse points of both wrists, my temples, and the back of my neck. Our flight took off and I started reading my book and was listening to music. Within about 15 minutes I no longer felt sick to my stomach (which happens when I get a headache) and no longer had a headache.

I've since used the headache multiple times and I feel that it works just as fast for me as ibuprofen does. Plus, I prefer the fact that I don't need to be popping pills and can pretend to be "all-natural" but then again it does make me feel healthier because I'm not popping Advil like candy. Joey uses the Pain Relief from time to time when his gout flares up or he has back pain. He has told me that it works for him and it is one of the few things that makes his gout less noticeable. He still takes anti-inflammatories when he has a full blown flare up. I've used the pain relief a couple of times on my hand and it seems to work just as well as the headache one.

Since originally starting this post we have picked up 01 Invigorate and 09 Focus. I love both of them. I hate drinking coffee in the morning and some mornings the invigorate just gives me that little extra pick me up that I need to get going.

I guess the tl;dr here is that from personal experience I wholeheartedly recommend 21 Drops to everyone. I guarantee that there is a drop that would be useful to you, even if it's just 07 Equalize or 18 Sleep.

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