Saturday, November 17

New Beginnings

I've been away for a long time, but I've been extremely busy and I apologize for being away. The next two weeks are going to be really busy too. Me and my SO will be moving back to my hometown, I will be getting ready to go back to school in January and we're both going to be finding new jobs.

So while we're busy packing and purging I will also be talking about the moving process and why we're moving this time. We are lucky enough to still be young enough that we are able to fall into our safety net without much worry. We are going to be moving into my grandparents home. They have a guest suite that we will be staying in for a few months or until we are able to get stable and get ourselves picked up. Not only will we be purging a lot of our belongings, we will also be storing the majority of everything.

I don't have much to report in this post other than to explain what is going on and why I've been absent. I've also recently started reading another blog - A Bowl Full of Lemons. It is an organization blog and I am super excited to get moved because I hope that me and my grandmother will be able to go through and organize their home. She seems excited to get started on a new organization system too. Recipe Sundays will also start getting more exciting because I will have my grandma to help me make phenomenal dishes. She has taught me nearly everything that I know about cooking and baking, and she continues to teach me every time that I am over at their house.

These next few months will be a new and interesting experience for everyone involved and I am super excited to see what comes of it. I will try to keep to posting at least once a week with an update or the like. 

Also, to anyone who has known me, and Wilfred, for a while should be happy to know that Wilfred has been found. We can take the pictures off the milk cartons and celebrate now. He will be making many appearances in my blog. He is my traveling hippo and he loves being my model. He has been across the country and to many different events and places. In the next month he will be traveling to Boise with me for the first time, he was missing before I went out to Idaho the first time, and he will enjoy yet another flight on Southwest.
And for people that have never heard of Wilfred before, here is an album of some of his previous exploits. The pictures here include Chicago, Cupertino, Morgantown, and Bruceton Mills (WV). 

I'll be back in a few days! Please follow, share, comment and pin me!

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